Scotland made a promise to care experienced
children and young people:

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You will grow up loved, safe and respected.
And by 2030, that promise must be kept.

How was the promise made?

Scotland made its promise following the Independent Care Review, which made clear its current "care system" wasn't working.

Who supports Scotland to keep it?

The Promise Scotland exists to support people and organisations across Scotland to keep the promise.

And who makes sure it's kept?

The Promise Oversight Board check if enough's happening to #KeepThePromise— and holds organisations to account if it isn't.

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Stories of change

People across Scotland are working to keep the promise— these are some of the stories they have to tell.

Read Scotland's stories of change.


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Latest news

Lived Experience of Care and Working For Change

16 February 2024

Many people with lived experience of care now work in the "system" to bring change— and the Lived and Professional Experience Panel heard from some.

Moving forward with honesty, hope, and persistence— Fraser McKinlay writes for Care Day

16 February 2024

In his blog for Care Day 2024, Promise Scotland Chief Executive Fraser McKinlay reflects on the recent Stories for Change Conference.

Latest stories of change

Care Inspectorate: Embedding Voice in Practice
Monday, 18 December 2023

The promise made clear that with the right support, parents with learning disabilities can and do become good parents.

intandem: Building Trusted Relationships
Wednesday, 15 November 2023

intandem's community-based mentoring is built around providing trusted relationships.

Scottish Children's Reporter Administration: Giving Children a Voice in Scheduling
Thursday, 26 October 2023

SCRA is testing a Child Friendly Scheduling project, with five different tests of change taking place across the country.