Scotland made a promise to care experienced
children and young people:

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You will grow up loved, safe and respected.
And by 2030, that promise must be kept.

How was the promise made?

Scotland made its promise following the Independent Care Review, which made clear its current "care system" wasn't working.

Who supports Scotland to keep it?

The Promise Scotland exists to support people and organisations across Scotland to keep the promise.

And who makes sure it's kept?

The Promise Oversight Board check if enough's happening to #KeepThePromise— and holds organisations to account if it isn't.

Design School

The Design School connects and supports people who benefit from services, and people who deliver them.

It helps these people work together to create services that work well, by helping them learn principles of service design.

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Two interlocking rings, representing the concept of partnership.
Dominoes beginning to fall, suggesting that something is having an impact.


Resources produced around how Scotland can #KeepThePromise.

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