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The Change Programme UPDATE

At the end of March, after engaging with over 100 organisations, The Promise Scotland published Plan 21-24 laying out WHAT must change over the coming three years to #KeepThePromise to Scotland’s children & families.

Currently and over the coming weeks, The Promise Scotland is meeting with & listening to many of those organisations, including national partners and all local authorities, to discuss what they are doing now and what they are planning to do over the coming year to #KeepThePromise.  All who are committed to #KeepThePromise can feed in what they are doing now and planning to do by thinking about and submitting the questions below.

Before publishing the Change Programme The Promise Scotland will consider and analyse all this feedback to assess if what is being done now and what is in the plans is fast enough change, and good enough change.

This means the Change Programme will now be published at the end of June 2021.

You can get in touch with The Promise Scotland team at

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