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In order to build the multi-agency collectively owned Plan, The Promise Team needs your help.

Please provide answers to these questions that appear in the #KeepThePromise engagement document by 27 November 2020.

Any questions about the questions or more information get in touch at hello@thepromise.scot

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What do you need from The Promise Team to understand their role and responsibility and what you can and can’t expect from them? What ways of working would support collaboration between you and The Promise Team?

How will you involve the care community and lived experience in your plans to #KeepThePromise?

What initiatives in and around the ‘care system’ you think need to be considered to ensure they are fully aligned to #KeepThePromise – including what needs to cease?

What networks and groupings currently exist that can support collaborative change?

Lived experience must be in the room to plan for a new landscape of care. Who else in your view must also be there?

What help do you need to properly reflect the Scottish Approach to Service Design in order to #KeepThePromise?

What internal mechanisms do you have to measure change? How will these mechanisms need to change to include measurements of what matters to children and families?

What data do you capture and can it be used to monitor progress towards your organisation being able to #KeepThePromise? What other data sources do you need to understand your current position?

What are your procurement and commissioning arrangements that facilitate or inhibit progress?

What role must The Promise play in unlocking the barriers from service innovation to wholescale implementation?

What are your current barriers to #KeepThePromise and what are the opportunities you have to make change?

Are there any additional target areas the Oversight Board should be considering?

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