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Guide to published information

The Promise Scotland’s approach to freedom of information includes the production and maintenance of a publication scheme. This is a document that:

  • sets out the classes of information that made available by routine, and
  • tells you how to access other information held, and what it might cost to do this.

The Promise Scotland has adopted the Scottish Information Commissioner’s Model Publication Scheme , and this page sets out the information it publishes and how to access it.

What information does The Promise Scotland make available, and why?

Information is published about its work on this website under nine classes of information, so that you can access it when you need to without contacting The Promise Scotland.

If you don’t want to or can’t access the information on the website, or travel to The Promise Scotland office to look at it, alternative arrangements and formats can be provided for you.

For example, you can email to ask for paper copies to be posted to you, but there might need to be a charge for this.

Once information is published on the website it will be made available for two financial years. If information is updated or becomes inaccurate, then only the most recent version will be available.

You can request to see previous versions of information, although there may be a charge for providing you with previously unpublished information.

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How do I ask for information or get help with accessing it?

If you want to see information that The Promise Scotland has that is not published on the website, you should make your request in a form that leaves a record. That includes any written request – by letter, email or through social media. Your request must include:

  • your full name (usually a first name, or initial, and a surname)
  • contact details so you can be sent a response (an email address will do)
  • a description of the information you would like provided to you.

You can send your request by email, X or Facebook, or by post to:

The Promise Scotland
1st Floor, Charlotte House
2 South Charlotte Street

You can also contact The Promise Scotland for advice and help with finding information by emailing foi@thepromise.scot.

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Removing exempt information

If a document contains information that is exempt from Scotland’s freedom of information laws – like sensitive personal information, or trade secrets – the information will be removed or blacked out before publishing it. When this is done, it will be explained why.

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Classes of information held

Information held that falls within the classes of information below will be published. You can follow the hyperlinks in each class directly to the relevant pages of this website.

Class 1

Class 1: About The Promise Scotland. Information about The Promise Scotland including the team, how to find and contact The Promise Scotland, how it is managed and external relations.

Class 2

How functions and services are delivered. Information about work, strategies and policies for delivering functions and services; information for service users.

Class 3

How decisions are taken and what has been decided. Information about decisions taken, how they are made and how others are involved.

Class 4

What is spent and how it is spent. Information about the strategy for, and management of, financial resources (in sufficient detail to explain how it is planned to spend public money and what has actually been spent).

Class 5

How human, physical and information resources are managed.

Class 6

How goods and services are procured. Information about how goods and services are procured and contracts with external providers.

Class 7

How The Promise Scotland is performing. Information about performance as an organisation and how well functions and services are delivered.

Class 8

Class 8: Commercial publications. Class 8 lists information sold for money. The Promise Scotland doesn’t sell any of the information it publishes for money, so there’s nothing to put under this class.

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Information held

Categories of information within this class

Budget and expenditure

The Promise Scotland's annual accounts for 2022/23 are filed with Companies House.

The Promise Scotland Income and Expenditure: 2022/23

The travel, subsistence and expenses policy will be published on this website soon.

Financial accountability

The Promise Scotland is currently in the process of finalising its budgeting policy and financial procedures.

Categories of information within this class

Procurement policy

The Promise Scotland is currently in the process of finalising its budgeting policy and financial procedures.

Categories of information within this class

Foundation to Focus: Annual Review 2022/23

Foundation to Focus: Annual Review 2022/23

Set Up Year Report

The Promise Scotland Set Up Year Report.