Sheriff David Mackie

David was in private practice as a solicitor then Advocate before his appointment as a Sheriff. For fifteen years he was the resident Sheriff in Alloa. Through his work as a Sheriff and with charities supporting disadvantaged and marginalised young people in Scotland, Malawi and Nepal he developed a strong belief in the power of redemption and a compassionate approach to sentencing.

He has an interest in restorative justice as a means of addressing the needs of victims of crime. Now retired he continues to support a number of charities, does a little teaching and continues to serve part time as a Sheriff.


Alistair Hogg

Alistair is the Head of Practice and Policy at the Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration (SCRA).  He started his working life as a solicitor, specialising in criminal defence work.  In 2000, Alistair decided to change direction and to work on behalf of children and young people.  He started working for SCRA as a Children’s Reporter in the Scottish Borders, then performing the same role in Stirling.  Since 2007 Alistair has held a number of different roles within SCRA, working across the whole country. His current responsibilities include leading on the work to implement the Promise through the Hearing System Working Group.  
Alistair has always believed in providing the best service possible for children and young people, and contributes to many partnership groups which focus on improvement. The work of the HSWG will take this work to a new level, and Alistair is fully committed to the exciting journey that lies ahead.  

Beth-Ann Logan

Beth-Anne is Scotland’s youngest public appointee, being appointed to the board of Children’s Hearings Scotland when she was 19. Beth-Anne has experienced almost every aspect of care since birth, with her first Children’s hearing being when she was only 6 weeks old. Beth-Anne has held various consultancy and full-time roles within the care sector including with organisations such as Who Cares? Scotland, CELCIS & CYCJ. Beth-Anne was also a co-chair at the Independent Care Review working on the “Best Place” workgroup.

Beth-Anne has also done a considerable amount of work with the secure care sector by sitting on the Secure Care Strategic Board and being influential in the creation, design, and implementation of the Secure Care National Standards. She is also the founder and chair of STARR, Scotland’s only space for secure care experienced people. She currently works for North Lanarkshire Council as a promise development worker and is wholeheartedly committed to #KeepingThePromise. 

Suzie Vestri

Suzanne is self-employed and runs a small consultancy and training business, working with  voluntary sector organisations on issues such as governance, increasing participation and social marketing.  She was previously Director of ‘see me’, the award-winning campaign to end the stigma and discrimination of mental illness.  She also breeds sheep and runs a business producing Shetland wool.

As a care-experienced person, Suzanne has always been keen to ensure that the voices of those in the care ‘system’ are heard, and became a member of Edinburgh Children’s Panel before becoming a Panel Practice Advisor within the South East Scotland Area Support Team. Suzanne is currently a board member of the Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration, and a member of The Standards Commission Scotland.

Carol Wassell

Carol works at Children’s Hearings Scotland as Head of Area Support and Community Improvement.
Carol’s career began as a Social Worker in child protection, after which she moved to the Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration where she was a Reporter for a number of years. Carol has also worked as the Independent Chair for Child Protection within a local authority and at CELCIS (Centre for Excellence for Children’s Care and Protection) where she led the nationwide PACE (Permanence and Care Excellence Programme).

There is no greater opportunity than now to make a real difference to Scotland’s infants, children and young people who require support and protection. As a person with lived experience of care, and being part of the workforce of a care system that needs to change, Carol is committed to realigning what we do to ensure we uphold and promote children and their rights.

Tom McNamara

Tom is Unit Head for Youth Justice and Children’s Hearings in the Scottish Government.

He joined the then Scottish Executive in 2000 - his first post included responsibility for children’s panel and CPAC appointments advice, policy and administration issues. 
In subsequent years, he worked in other policy areas including children’s rights and community engagement. 
Since 2013, he has held responsibility for children’s hearings public body sponsorship, safeguarder and advocacy partner management, system improvement. Other Unit functions include youth justice policy and secure care placement management, along with age of criminal responsibility reforms.

Fi McFarlane

Fi McFarlane is Head of Public Affairs at The Promise Scotland, responsible for supporting The Oversight Board in their work and other critical projects. 

She has a background as Youth Justice barrister representing children and young people in conflict with the law in London through Just For Kids Law. She also worked in professional regulation responsible for conduct investigations and development of regulatory standards. 

She was part of the secretariat for The Independent Care Review supporting the Journey Group in the development of the final conclusions.