Independent Care Review

In October 2016, the First Minister made a commitment to figure out how Scotland could love its most vulnerable children and give them the childhood they deserve. She commissioned the Independent Care Review and, between February 2017 when Fiona Duncan was appointed as Chair, and February 2020, the Care Review worked to figure out how to keep that Promise.

The Care Review Listened

The Care Review listened very carefully to those with experience of living and working in and around the ‘care system’ to properly understand what needs to change.

The Care Review heard over 5,500 experiences. Over half were children, young people and adults who had lived in care. The rest were families and the paid and unpaid workforce.

It was their stories that guided the Care Review and their experiences have shaped everything the Care Review concluded.

As well as listening carefully to what matters to children, the Care Review considered the research on the ‘care system’ and commissioned its own research to fill knowledge gaps. It reviewed all of the laws and rules, collected data, and made connections across the ‘roots and branches’ of the ‘care system’.

You can read more about the Independent Care Review, and read all its reports, here.