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The Promise Scotland is looking for a pool of diverse Associates to help it deliver an ambitious plan to embed co-design approaches into how Scotland redesigns services and supports around children and families to #keepthepromise.

The Promise Scotland is responsible for driving and supporting the radical change demanded by the promise— the conclusions of the Independent Care Review.

What The Promise Scotland does, and why

The Promise Scotland works with all kinds of organisations to support change in policy, practice, and culture so Scotland can #KeepThePromise it made to care-experienced infants, children, young people, adults, and their families— that every child grows up loved, safe and respected, able to realise their full potential. 

About The Promise Design School

Developed in collaboration with the Office of the Chief Designer at Scottish Government, The Promise Design School works to embed design thinking across the sector. It equips and empowers those tasked with redesigning care services to co-design with authenticity and genuine power sharing.

The Design School doesn’t look to provide formal training in service design, or to commission service designers to specific service challenges.

Rather, it wants to enable learning for those already leading services and strategy to do so differently, with full belief they don’t need to become service designers to harness the foundations of a co-design approach: ‘confident cooks not professional chefs’.

The Design School delivers on this ambition through training, coaching and resource development.

The Promise Design School is looking for a diverse pool of Associates who can support it through specific components in its next phase of our work.

It needs support with:

  • facilitating others through service design processes and ways of thinking.
  • enabling greater understanding and practical use of design methods and tools such as research, co-design and prototyping.
  • ensuring diverse voices of experience are at the heart of how people work and design services.
  • sharing perspectives on how services can be designed collaboratively to work better for people who are often excluded.

You might be a:

  • generalist, able to facilitate and support others through the design process.
  • specialist in design research, inclusive co-design, collaborating with people with trauma and lived experience, or other aspect of redesigning services to meet the needs of communities.,
  • design and/or facilitation practitioner, able to inspire others to try new things and embrace different perspectives.

Experience needed

You could be from any background in any sector as long as you are able to work with the complexity of public services.

Ideally, you will have worked in a variety of settings, gaining experiences that have developed a deep understanding of people, services and organisations— as well as what it takes to create change.

Experience designing and/or implementing services or leading co-design.

Attributes needed

Self-aware and empathetic

This work is as much about people as design and helping them to navigate through the ups and downs of complex work is key to success.

Flexible, adaptable and always learning

The Promise Design School is a prototype in action, and therefore learning as it goes. It is ambitious and dynamic, and sometimes that means it will change direction if it needs to.

Collaborative and open-minded

We will be creating a team of Associates to work on specific components of The Promise Design School. You will also work with our talented and diverse team at The Promise Scotland. We have a working environment where the open exchange of ideas and collaboration between all of us is valued and welcomed.

We would love to work with people who are inspired by what the promise needs to achieve and committed to its success. We are trying to do things differently, and that won’t always be easy.

If your natural curiosity has been piqued, and your desire to make change has been provoked, then please send a CV and Cover Letter to jobs@thepromise.scot before midday on Friday 10th February.

Contact rachael@thepromise.scot for more information.

Book a spot on the upcoming information session on Friday 3 February.