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The Promise Scotland: Supporting Scotland’s promise

The Promise Scotland supports people and organisations as they act to keep Scotland's promise to care experienced people.

It does this through:

Change projects

The Promise Scotland steps in to lead Change Projects where gaps exist in the change that's currently happening.

Supporting the workforce

The Support Team works alongside individuals and organisations across the whole of Scotland— supporting them in their journey to #KeepThePromise.

Five ways The Promise Scotland supports the promise

It supports The Promise Oversight Board as it checks up on Scotland’s progress

The Promise Scotland supports the Promise Oversight Board as it monitors Scotland's progress in keeping the promise.


It works closely with the “care system” to help it change

A lot of organisations provide services that impact children and families. The Promise Scotland supports them to work with each other, as they move towards doing things differently.


It identifies where there are challenges in keeping the promise

When Plan 21-24 was created, The Promise Scotland mapped out the barriers that existed to keeping the promise. It will continue to do this as Scotland works through what’s laid out by the Plan.


It helps Scotland know what needs to change

The Promise Scotland tells people and organisations across the country what change is needed to #KeepThePromise, and helps get them engaged in the process of keeping it.

It makes sure this work is accessible to everyone, especially children and families.


It coordinates the changes that need to happen

The Promise Scotland helps coordinate change across Scotland.

Nationally and locally, it plays a leadership role in making sure the services care experienced children and young people need are developed and invested in.

And it supports organisations across Scotland to #KeepThePromise.