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The Promise Scotland steps in to lead change projects where gaps exist in the change that’s currently happening.

Current Change Projects

Hearings System Working Group

The Hearings System Working Group exists to bring change to The Children's Hearings System.

Doing data differently

Doing Data Differently is about seeing the whole picture of what matters to children and families.

Design School

The Design School connects and supports people who benefit from services, and people who deliver them.

About the Change Projects

Hearings System Working Group

The Promise Scotland is chairing a Working Group to oversee the redesign of the Children’s Hearings System.

The Hearings System Working Group will allow redesign to happen in a way that:

  • involves children and families with lived experience of the current system,
  • implements the findings of the Independent Care Review, and
  • upholds the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Doing Data Differently

To #KeepThePromise, Scotland needs to change the way it does things. For that to be possible, it needs to do data differently.

That means creating a culture which:

  • values information about the experiences of children, families, and those who support them, and
  • sees this information as valid evidence.

Right now, there isn’t a shared understanding of what information is captured, used, and shared.

We don’t know what we know – or what we don’t know. But The Promise Scotland is creating a data map to change this.

Promise Design School

People who use public services - like schools or hospitals - should be involved in how they're designed.

That's as true for care experienced people as it is for anyone else.

The Promise Scotland Design School is about making sure this happens. It helps Scotland to:

  • make sense of what care experienced people say,
  • act on the insights they have, and
  • understand what gaps still exist in their services.

Other Projects

A case for national advocacy services

Supported by Scottish Government, The Promise Scotland is leading work on what it would mean to have a national advocacy service for care experienced young people. It will present its findings to Scottish Ministers by the end of 2023.

The Independent Care Review was clear that advocacy needed to be – and feel – independent. The Promise Scotland will make sure its recommendations reflect what was heard during that review.

And this work will aim to make sure advocacy is available in all care settings, so that it can be accessed easily.

Dominoes falling, illustrating that something is having an impact.