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The Promise Scotland can offer support to organisations who act to #KeepThePromise.

It supports those in every sector with the tools they need to help make sure care experienced children are safe, loved and respected.

How does The Promise Scotland support organisations?

The Promise Scotland can talk to those who lead change

If you work in "the care system" and are leading change around the promise, you can get in touch to arrange an informal chat with a member of The Promise Scotland’s support team.

It builds service design skills through its Design School

You can sign up to the Promise Design School if you're:

  • a person with experience of "the care system", or
  • a worker from any organisation across it.

The Design School offers different ways to learn how to co-design services so they can be centred on the people who need them.

It provides tailored support to those who get Promise Partnership grants

The Promise Partnership funds projects across Scotland that work to #KeepThePromise in a specific way. Those funds come from The Scottish Government; not from The Promise Scotland.

But when a group or organisation gets funds from the Partnership, The Promise Scotland provides them with support.

And it supports people through Communities of Interest

The Promise Scotland runs communities of interest which bring groups of people together.

These groups may consist of:

  • People in similar roles. For example, they might bring together representatives of different local authorities.
  • People with a common interest. For example, they might bring together people whose work impacts a particular area of Plan 21-24.

Communities of Interest allow people to support and to challenge their peers. By doing this, they help drive the change demanded by the Independent Care Review.

Two interlocking rings, representing the concept of partnership.

Stakeholder toolkit

If your organisation has publically committed to keeping the promise, you can request The Promise Scotland's stakeholder toolkit.

It contains graphics, wording and advice to use:

  • on social media,
  • in email signatures,
  • in documents, and
  • at events.

To request it, email communications@thepromise.scot . Your email should contain a short explanation of how your organisation shows its commitment to #KeepThePromise.

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