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The Promise Design School works in a range of different ways to support change.

  • It supports the workforce to lead co-design, and
  • It helps people in projects and places figure things out together.

It is always about helping people to share influence and decisions so that they canwork better together to create  services that work well.

The Promise Scotland worked closely with the Scottish Government's Office of the Chief Designer to initiate the design school, and now it works with those leading the change to develop it.

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Two-day Sprints

The 2D Sprint is a component of the design school programme that is open all year round, aimed at supporting people in the workforce who are tasked with leading co-design in their area of work.

A two-day digital sprint will walk you through foundational concepts in service design and work with you in your teams to apply these tools to the work you are undertaking together.

  • Gather a team together of people you are working with - or want to work with - to co -design a change towards keeping the promise.
  • Take part in the two-day sprint.
  • Tailor your learning and next steps with access to downloadable tools, design mentors and bitesize digital learning.

Design School dates for 2024

There are three two-day sprints planned for the rest of 2024:

May Design School

May’s Design School takes place on Thursday May 2 and Thursday May 16.

Application deadline: Monday April 8.

Applications reviewed: Friday April 12.

Participants notified by: Monday April 15.

August Design School

August’s Design School takes place on Thursday August 22 and Thursday September 5.

Application deadline: Thurs Aug 1.

Applications reviewed: Friday Aug 2.

Participants notified by: Monday August 5.

November Design School

November’s Design School takes place on Wednesday November 6 and Wednesday November 20.

Application deadline: Thursday 11 October.

Applications reviewed: Friday 12 October.

Participants notified by: Monday 14 October.

Learning Calendar

It’s based on feedback from people who are redesigning services themselves, around what can help project teams move through the process at their own pace.

It also contains some big picture themes, to get people started on their service design journey.

The content in the Learning Calendar will be frequently reviewed and evaluated, to make sure it provides the best learning opportunities for you.

Sessions are split into two levels:

  • entry-level sessions, which anyone can attend.
  • design-level sessions, which anyone who has completed The Promise Design School can attend— as a basic knowledge of the Scottish Approach to Service Design is required.

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