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The Promise Design School’s Learning Calendar provides practical help around service design.

It’s based on feedback from people who are redesigning services themselves, around what can help project teams move through the process.

It also contains some big picture themes, to get people started on their service design journey.

The content in the Learning Calendar will be frequently reviewed and evaluated, to make sure it provides the best learning opportunities for you.

Sessions are split into two levels:

  • entry-level sessions, which anyone can attend.
  • design-level sessions, which anyone who has completed The Promise Design School can attend— as a basic knowledge of the Scottish Approach to Service Design is required.

The Learning Calendar offers three kinds of session


When you're stuck with changing a specific part of a process, a masterclass can help you move past it.

It focuses in on that one thing, and looks to change it with some great design techniques and tools.

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Learning Lab

Learning labs help you understand concepts around service design , including those related to:

  • delivering change,
  • design thinking, and
  • human learning systems.
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Spotlight sessions

Spotlight sessions shine a light on great practice. They celebrate stories of success, and can help you see how to share your own.

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More on the Learning Calendar

Join the Learning Calendar focus group

The Learning Calendar focus group is a group of people who'd find the Learning Calendar useful. They give feedback to make sure it keeps being useful and relevant.