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This poster four Festivals of Care, which brought corporate parents and care experienced young people together to learn and explore alongside each other.

This poster outlines the process through which the supporting birth parents project was created.

This poster outlines the services provided by STAR and AFKA Scotland.

This poster focuses on Sport Aberdeen’s SPACE project, which directly supports children and young people to create and shape their own packages of support.

The poster highlights several initiatives around keeping the promise from the South Ayrshire Council.

The Life Time Connections project offers care-experienced children the opportunity to feel confident in asking about their past and current family life.

Scotland’s Adoption Register’s Response to Change aims to support certain people meeting the needs of children and young people in Scotland.

Glasgow City Council’s vision for accommodation and support for over 16s is to meet the needs of all young people, and to help them to thrive.

This poster looks at a project on what it means to implement the recommendations of Scotland’s Independent Care Review for 0–3-year-olds.

The House Project from NLP is built around young people's ability to leave care to take ownership, and to live connected and fulfilling lives.

Further resources

Promise Delivery Partners

When support around the promise is needed at a local level, a Promise Delivery Partner may be able to help.

Find out about the Promise Delivery Partners.

Other useful resources

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Oversight Board: Reports and minutes

Read publications from The Oversight Board around Scotland's progress in keeping the promise.

Plan 24-30

Plan 24-30 will set out the route to keeping the promise by 2030.

Hearings System Working Group

The Hearings System Working Group existed to bring change to The Children's Hearings System.

Plan 21-24

Plan 21-24 is the first plan to set out how Scotland can - by 2030 - keep its promise to care experienced children and young people.

Independent Care Review

The Independent Care Review found that Scotland’s current “care system” comes with a cost: to human lives, and to our country’s finances.