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Scotland has made a promise to every child and young person: that you should grow up being safe, loved and respected.

What that means is that you and your family should get the support you need, when it's needed. It also means you should be supported, cared for and loved if it turns out you have to live elsewhere. It's a promise that care experienced children and young people deserve to have kept, just like everyone else.

But we need to do more as a country if we are going to keep that promise. Keeping this promise is something that Scotland has committed to do by 2030 at the very latest. But in order for that to happen, a lot still has to change. There's a lot that has to be done by people and organisations. In every part of the country and across many sectors.

And that's why The Promise Scotland exists. It is here to support those organisations who need to change: to help them as they carry out that work. And to help them understand what they are required to do.

Throughout the Independent Care Review, big barriers to change were identified, and The Promise Scotland is built around helping Scotland to overcome those barriers. It's a really big task, and it's bigger than anyone would wish it to be. But this is change that needs to happen, and The Promise Scotland will work to make sure that it's change which is actually felt by those who need it the most.