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This film shows what the Independent Care Review learned from talking with children, young people, their families and carers.

Isla’s story

Isla is 10. She moved in with a new family when she was 4. She moved back in with her parents not long after, and things were much better when she went home.

Then her parents separated when she was 6. Her mum was unwell, and struggled. Isla went to live with another new family. Isla liked it there, but she couldn’t stay. She’s since lived with another four new families.

She thinks the hardest bit is having to change schools. She’s left a lot of friends behind, and no one seems to remember to keep in touch. Her favourite time of day is lunchtime— the dinner ladies always seem really nice.

Isla finds it really difficult to make friends and trust people. Her current classmates know she is in care, and she wishes they didn’t. Isla’s social worker visits every so often. Isla really likes her: she is fun and kind. Isla wishes she could see her more.

How Isla’s story was made

This is one of 12 composite stories. That means that this story is not about a real person, but has been written to reflect the experiences the Independent Care Review heard.

The Independent Care Review spent time with children and young people to ask how they felt about the stories. They liked the stories, made some excellent changes, and said that children and young people would see themselves in them.