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From 2017 to 2020, The Independent Care Review listened to what thousands of children, adults and families told them about their experiences of the “care system.”

As a result, on 5th February 2020, Scotland made a promise.

This is what #KeepThePromise means to Isla.

Isla’s story

When Isla was 4, she moved in with a new family nearby, who she really liked. Her parents got lots of support, so when Isla went back to them things were much better. She started school and made lots of friends.

When Isla was 6, her parents separated. Her mum was unwell and needed help, so Isla went to stay with the same family. They were so happy to see her. Isla was sad, but knew that her mum was being looked after. Her social worker popped round lots and told her how her mum was doing. The family walked Isla to school every day. When Isla got an invite to her friend’s birthday, they helped her pick a present and took her along.

Her social worker told Isla she’s going home in two weeks. The family she’s staying with are helping her get ready to leave. Isla can’t wait to go home, but she’s glad she got time to stay goodbye. They had a tea party and told her they’d always be there for Isla and her mum.

Isla’s home now, and her mum is much better. There are people who visit who really help. Isla really likes that her social worker still comes to visit. Isla feels safe and happy, and knows there are always people she can rely on if things get hard again.