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The Promise Scotland has established a Programme of what needs to change.

It sets out 25 actions for Scotland to take by 2024 so it can keep the promise by 2030.

About the Change Programme

The Change Programme can update you on Scotland’s progress

The Change Programme exists to tell people and organisations across Scotland:

  • what’s happening now around each action,
  • what’s happening next around each action,
  • what still needs to happen for each action to be met.

It also assesses if Scotland as a whole is changing quickly enough to #KeepThePromise— and if the changes it’s making are as good as they need to be.

The Change Programme will change as Scotland changes

The Change Programme was launched in June 2021 as a PDF report.

But a new online version will launch in 2023 which will allow you to independently search through a lot more data.

This new version of the Change Programme will still be managed by The Promise Scotland.

It will regularly update with information generated by The Promise Scotland's Feedback Loop.