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The Promise Scotland uses the Feedback Loop to understand the work of change and Scotland’s journey to #KeepthePromise.

The Feedback Loop is a set of processes The Promise Scotland uses to:

  • take what it hears,
  • combine it with what's already known, and
  • inform next steps on the work required across Plan 21-24.

For the Feedback Loop to work, it must have access to data, information and evidence on the work of change across Scotland.

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What is the Feedback Loop used to do?

The Feedback Loop is used to:

  • provide learning and understanding.
  • answer the question: "are things getting better?"
  • make clear if and how The Promise Scotland can support the change required.

To really understand what is happening and the work of change, The Promise Scotland cannot rely on a single source of information.

The Feedback Loop provides a way of layering and analysing:

  • what The Promise Scotland has heard,
  • publicly available data sets,
  • materials and reports shared by organisations, and
  • research.

It's a loop because it's a process that should repeat a great many times as Scotland works to #KeepThePromise.

Also, as The Promise Scotland develops an understanding of one issue, it may trigger the need for a deeper understanding of another issue. Because of this, it's a process that loops back upon itself.

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What difference does the Feedback Loop make?

As well as helping understand:

  • the journey of change,
  • whether things are getting better, and
  • the role of The Promise Scotland,

the Feedback Loop supports the change programme. As it becomes routine across The Promise Scotland, work begins to launch the interactive change programme in 2023.

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