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Devising Plan 24-30 Together

Plan 21-24 is coming to an end and Scotland needs a new Plan to #KeepThePromise by 2030. Continuity is important - Plan 24-30 will take over from Plan 21-24, building on what has already happened.

The work to devise Plan 24-30 together will be focused on a set of core principles, making sure it will:

  • remain rooted in the needs and aspirations of the care community, children, adults and families.
  • provide a single shared plan which sets out a route map to #KeepThePromise by 2030.
  • provide a common understanding of how progress will be measured and be able to keep track.

Engagement so far has already begun to identify what needs accelerated and what Plan 24-30 has to focus on for the promise to be kept.

Plan 24-30 will be published in June 2024 and the work to devise it together is split into three phases designed to understand, create, and publish a Plan that reflects what the care community have been promised and what the workforce need.

You can read more about the approach and timeline here.