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Videos of speeches and sessions from The Stories of Change Conference are collected below. 

They may be a useful resource for those who weren't able to attend.

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Party Leader Messages from the Stories of Change Conference

Messages from then-leaders of political parties in Scotland, which were played in the Conference Hall during the Stories of Change conference.

Speech: Minister for Children, Young People & The Promise, Natalie Don MSP

Natalie Don MSP's speech around reflections on progress and working together to keep the promise.

Speech: COSLA's Children and Young People Spokesperson, Counsellor Tony Buchanan

Councillor Tony Buchanan's speech on Local Government’s role in keeping the promise.

Speech: Sharon McGhee

Former Oversight Board Member Sharon McGhee talks at the Stories of Change Conference.

Speech: The Oversight Board

Oversight Board Members Jasmin Kasaya Pilling and Jemma Kerr's speech at the Stories of Change Conference.

Speech: Laurie Goldie, Who Cares? Scotland

This speech from Laurie Goldie - Project Manager for Creating Communities that Care, Who Cares? Scotland - is around building communities that care.

Panel Discussion

This Panel Discussion on Lived and Professional Experience: Exploring Identity in Practice is hosted by Fraser McKinlay, and features Beth Anne-Logan, Collette Gallagher, and Katrina Gallacher.

Breakout Session: Each and Every Child Initiative

Each and Every Child's breakout session on the stage of the Conference Hall.