Hearings System Working Group

The Hearings System Working Group (“HSWG”) is a partnership between Children’s Hearings Scotland (“CHS”), the Scottish Children's Reporter Administration (“SCRA”) and The Promise Scotland, with the Scottish Government playing a critical role.  

The HSWG has been created to oversee the redesign process for The Children’s Hearings System as set out in Plan 21-24 and Change Programme ONE. It will facilitate a process that will have the needs of children and families with lived experience of The Children’s Hearings System at its heart, to ensure effective implementation of The Independent Care Review and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.  

The group will engage with stakeholders and those with responsibility in and around the Children’s Hearings System across Scotland to ensure they are fully cited on the developing work programme and can engage constructively.  

The HSWG will:  

  • Produce clear, collective proposals that redesign The Children’s Hearings System and define the legislative changes required. 
  • Ensure that the lived experience of the Children’s Hearings System is at the centre of what a new legislative framework will look like. 
  • Prepare detailed proposals for the redesign of The Children’s Hearings System. It will do so by: 
    • Agreeing a vision for The Children’s Hearings System; 
    • Analysing the practice, legislative, budgetary and structural blocks to implementation of the vision; 
    • Agreeing proposals for legislative change. 
  • Meet the Chairs of CHS, SCRA and The Promise Scotland twice a year to track progress. 
  • Update The Promise Scotland’s Oversight Board on progress of the HSWG. 


The Promise Scotland provides a secretariat, administration, and project planning support for the Hearings System Working Group.  

  • Christina Spicer, Policy and Public Affairs Manager, The Promise Scotland
  • Fionnuala Contier-Lawrie, Governance Project Officer, The Promise Scotland  

Contact Information  

If you would like to get in touch with the working group, please email hearingsystemworkinggroup@thepromise.scot