National Care Service Consultation Analysis

Head of Insights, Claire Stuart reflects on the consultation responses to the National Care Service and the questions about the inclusion of children and families. The Promise Scotland commissioned independent analysis on all responses and found a consistent set of questions being asked.

Local Government 2022: COMMIT

Its election day and in this the final blog in the series, Fi McFarlane, Head of Public Affairs at The Promise Scotland explores what commitment to #keepthepromise means for local councillors. Work is well underway and it looks different across Scotland but it needs to have connection, collaboration and commitment at its core.

Local Government 2022: COLLABORATE

To be effective as a Local councillor its vital to collaborate with third sector and health colleagues. Legal duties for the lives of children and families sit with local authorities, but it will take a whole host of organisations to #keepthepromise. The children's committee from Coalition of Care and Support Providers (CCPS) explore what collaborating might mean for you.

Local Government 2022: CREATE

Fraser McKinlay, formerly of Audit Scotland and now working with The Promise Scotland on the 'Using Money Differently' work programme, explores what it means to create budgets to #keepthepromise. He outlines what this means for incoming local councillors and what questions they can ask themselves with their unique role and responsibility.

Local Government 2022: CONNECT

Beth Anne Logan, former Co-Chair at The Independent Care Review and Development Worker in North Lanarkshire writes about what it means for councillors to CONNECT with care experienced children and families.

Fiona Duncan-Report into Howdenhall and St Katharine’s

The Promise Scotland is appalled by the report outlining the abuse and ill treatment of children and young people at Howdenhall and St Katharine’s residential school. There is no place in Scotland for such brutality towards anyone, let alone children placed in a setting that is meant to nurture, protect and love them.

Cross Border Placement Proposal

On 6 January 2022, The Scottish Government issued a short consultation on the policy relating to placing children and young people into Scottish residential care when a High Court in England or Wales has granted a Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DOLS) order. The Promise Scotland submitted its significant concerns surrounding the proposal in January and the response can be read here.   Plan 21-24 makes clear that by 2024 there must be a strategic planning process for children and young people in Scotland that reflects the aims and principles of the promise and ends the practice of cross border placements.

Fiona Duncan: one question and one question only series: democratic wellbeing relies on us trusting that our voice will be heard in decisions that affect us

Last Tuesday, 1st February, three months after receiving them, Scottish Government published 1,098 responses to its consultation on the National Care Service. Of course, the sheer number of responses will have impacted how long was needed to prepare them for publication, including the permission and redaction process.

Fiona Duncan – response to today’s Scottish Budget 2022-23

If Scotland wants to #KeepThePromise made following the Independent Care Review and ensure that every child in Scotland grows up loved, safe and respected, then there must be an open and honest conversation about how, where, and when money is spent.

Money alone can’t buy better outcomes. Scotland currently spends almost £1bn per year on a care “system” that too often fails infants, children,…

Children's Rights: legislation is not enough

The recent decision of the Supreme Court, that certain provisions of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (Incorporation) (Scotland) Bill were beyond the competence of the Scottish Parliament, was of course, a huge disappointment. A Bill, due for Royal Assent and to be commenced within six months, is now in limbo.

This setback compounds the 30-year delay between ratification…