The Promise Scotland response to a National Care Service for Scotland consultation

The Promise Scotland approached responding to this consultation guided by one question: will this proposal #KeepThePromise?

This involved a detailed process of looking at the NCS proposal alongside the Independent Care Review:

  • Assessing it against the Care Review’s 80+ conclusions.
  • Cross-referencing the Care Review conclusions with the Review of Adult Social Care conclusions
  • Revisiting the Care Review’s Evidence Framework
  • Considering the impact of the NCS proposal in relation to 12 composite stories developed with thousands of children & young people
  • Assessing the implications of the proposed creation of NCS on the ongoing implementation of the Care Review as reported in Plan 21-24 and Change Programme ONE

Based on this evidence, @PromiseScot cannot reach a binary yes or no decision. Therefore, The Promise Scotland cannot say whether the proposals will or will not #KeepThePromise.

It will remain engaged in the national discussion and aim to support whatever decision is made as a result of this consultation but only on the basis that Scotland’s commitment to #KeepThePromise, as swiftly as it can, to its children and families, is maintained and clearly articulated.

Change remains urgent and must continue unabated and unimpeded during this debate – and beyond its conclusion.

All the Independent Care Review 80+ conclusions must be implemented, in sequence, at pace and in full.

There may be more than one way to do this, but there can be only one outcome: the promise is kept.

Read The Promise Scotland's response to the consultation in full here: 

The Promise Scotland NCS consultation response Nov 2021.pdf