Plan 21-24

 The five priority areas and key milestones for Plan 21-24 are:

  • The right to a childhood
  • Whole family support
  • Supporting the workforce
  • Planning
  • Building capacity

To access Plan 21-24 and view details of the roadmap ahead, download the plan now.

Read Plan 21-24 (PDF)

Download Plan 21-24 (PDF)

The Change Programme

The Change Programme will be published at the end of May. It will outline who and what need to work together to drive towards the changes needed in Plan 21-24.

The Promise Scotland team needs your help to make sure Change Programme ONE is the best it can be.

The Promise Scotland also needs to make sure it is targeting its support in the right way to maximise transformative change.

Do engage with and get in touch with The Promise Scotland team at and think about these questions.