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About this Invitation

Following publication of the promise on 5th February 2020, The Promise Scotland published Plan 21-24 on 31st March 2021, the first of the implementation plans required to guide the work to keep the promise. Plan 21-24 set out 25 actions Scotland must make progress on by 2024 to ensure the promise would be kept by 2030.

Activity in Plan 21-24 was grouped around five priority areas:

  • A good childhood
  • Supporting the whole family
  • Supporting the workforce
  • Planning
  • Building capacity

As Plan 21-24 covered a three-year period, its timeline comes to an end in March 2024. Following consultation, it has been agreed that its successor will be Plan 24-30, a six-year plan which aims to maintain the vision that the promise will be kept in full, all across Scotland, by 2030, capitalising on and accelerating the good work started by Plan 21-24.

Work to devise Plan 24-30 is led by the Independent Strategic Advisor on the Promise and is currently focused on collaboration and engagement to ensure a solid understanding of needs, opportunities, and challenges across Scotland.

Evaluating Scotland’s progress made under Plan 21-24 is a crucial part of understanding and monitoring Scotland’s journey to keep the promise, and a key factor in the creation of Plan 24-30.

The Promise Scotland is seeking responses from those able to undertake an evaluation that explores Plan 21-24’s implementation and impact.

Download the Invitation to Tender.

Deadline for submissions: 3pm (GMT), 23 February

If you have a specific question not answered in the tender, contact claire@thepromise.scot.