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The Promise Partnership is delivered by Corra Foundation, on behalf of the Scottish Government.

The Promise Partnership invests in organisations and collaborations to help #KeepThePromise.

It focuses investment on work needed to:

  • help implement change, and
  • help drive it.

The Scottish Government is the principal funder of the Partnership. But it's also funded by other trusts and foundations, including The Cattanach Trust and STV Children’s Appeal.

The Promise Partnership is managed by Corra Foundation, who are supported by:

  • an Advisory Group, and
  • a Decision Makers Panel.

Both Group and Panel have lived experience of the care system, and both help guide process and make funding decisions.

How is The Promise Partnership related to The Promise Scotland?

The Promise Partnership is independent of The Promise Scotland.

A partnership agreement is in place between Corra Foundation and Promise Scotland to outline each of their roles. This includes:

  • providing support to funded organisations, and
  • shared learning.

When a group or organisation gets funds from the Promise Partnership, The Promise Scotland provides them with support. But The Promise Scotland is not involved in any funding decisions.

The logo of The Promise Scotland.

Find out more

The Corra Foundation's website has information relating to:

  • currently funded work,
  • any potential funding opportunities in the future, and
  • The Promise Partnership's governance arrangements.

Promise Partnership Showcase event

The Promise Partnership Showcase event was about learning and celebration.

Held on Tuesday 27 June 2023, it looked to recognise the work of projects which:

  • received investment from the Promise Partnership's Getting it Right for Brothers and Sisters fund , or
  • received investment from the Promise Partnership's Good Childhood fund.