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The promise is that Scotland's children and young people will grow up loved, safe and respected.

To keep it, Scotland must bring about the change demanded by its Independent Care Review. Keeping the promise means implementing all of its conclusions in full.

Scotland's Independent Care Review was built on what children and young people had to say. They called for it, and took part in it at huge levels.

When its findings were published in 2020, Scotland's then First Minister pledged that the country would #KeepThePromise.

And that commitment got the support of all the Scottish Parliament's political parties.


Foundations of the promise

The promise that Scotland made to care experienced children and young people is built on five foundations: family, voice, care, people and scaffolding.

Why will keeping the promise take work?

Keeping the promise will take work because it means building a new structure of care— which is centered on children and families.

What if the promise isn't kept for me?

What it means when the promise isn't kept, and who to contact if it's not being kept for you.

Care experienced people

Learn about the term “care experienced”, which has special meaning to many of the people who identify with it.